Emergency Backup ISP
Free Internet Access

No matter which Internet Access service you use, they all suffer from unexpected temporary outages. This happens with all service providers: DSL, cable, satellite, and dialup. Read the fine print in their service contracts. They never guarantee to be up and available for your use 100% of the time.

What happens when you need to go online, but your Internet provider is DOWN?

You need to get an emergency backup Internet account so you can still go online in an emergency. But you don't need to be bogged down with paying another monthly bill for an account you might not use often. No problem. Here's a completely FREE solution.

NetZero offers a completely FREE Internet account with up to 10 hours of dialup Internet access each and every month. No credit card or payment is required -- just sign up and keep the account in reserve until you really need it.

Don't wait! If your Internet provider suddenly goes down, it's too late! Do this NOW.

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