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As you read this article, I'm sure you'll agree that you are paying far too much on your current auto and truck insurance policy. Premiums for the same coverage can vary by a few hundred dollars from one auto insurance company to another.

Save Money: Cut bill payments by comparing cheap car and truck rates from discount insurance carriers. What would you do with all the extra money you'd be saving?
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I'm sure you know shopping for cheap inexpensive auto insurance online is the best way to lower your car insurance bill. Insurance quotes from different carriers can vary as much as several hundred dollars for the same amount of coverage. Start saving money by filling out the simple quote request form to the right. By filling out your information just once, the InsureMe.com search engine will match up your car insurance needs with multiple recommended insurance carriers in your area. You will get several cheap rate quotes from our recommended car insurance carriers so you can compare them side by side.

This system will save you both time and money because local insurance agents will compete with each other to get your business by offering their best inexpensive auto insurance quotes.

This is a 100% free service providing consumers with auto insurance quotes from trusted insurance carriers. There is never any obligation to purchase insurance from any of the providers. If you decide against going with any of them, at least you'll have some figures for comparing with other insurance agents.
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Understanding Inexpensive Auto Insurance

Learning about affordable auto insurance policies can be a challenge. It's really not that hard if you understand a few basic types of car insurance coverage. Collision, Comprehensive, Bodily Injury Liability and Property Injury Liability are the auto insurance coverages you should understand.

Even the most inexpensive auto insurance policy should include liability coverage. Let's say you rear-end another driver. Or your foot slips off the brake onto the gas pedal and you plow down a mailbox. Your liability coverage will pay for the damages that you caused with your insured vehicle. Your liability insurance should include bodily injury and property damage.

Bodily Injury Coverage is the most important in your inexpensive auto insurance policy. If you were at fault in an accident and others involved suffered injury and/or lost wages from missing work, those costs would come out of your pocket if you didn't have Bodily Injury Coverage. It doesn't take a genius to see how quickly those charges can add up. Bodily Injury insurance can also help you in case the other party decides to sue you. Many states require you to carry Bodily Injury Coverage as a minimum in cheap inexpensive car insurance.

The other part of liability is Property Damage insurance coverage. Imagine how much it would cost if you accidentally drove into the side of someone's home. Protect yourself even with the most inexpensive auto insurance. You wouldn't want to be caught without property damage insurance if you were required to pay for repairs to another car, building or anything else you might hit. As with Bodily Injury insurance, Property Damage insurance also helps protect you from a related lawsuit.

Collision insurance will help you pay for your own repairs or replacements if your car collides with another vehicle or property. The higher the deductible you elect, the lower your premiums will cost you. If you were at fault, well of course it would still be an accident, as I doubt you planned to run into another car, but how much could you afford to pay out of your pocket for the repairs? $250? $500? $1,000? Just like health insurance, you'd have to pay that deductible amount first and then the insurance company would pay for the remaining costs for the repair.

Comprehensive insurance is an additional option to Collision insurance. This is the coverage that pays for damage to your car caused by theft, vandalism, fire, falling objects, and certain natural disasters. Deductibles work the same way as with Collision; the more out of pocket costs you accept, the lower your insurance premium.

Every inexpensive auto insurance policy will have its limits and various degrees of coverage. It's important to understand your insurance options for what you are paying for and why it is necessary. No one plans for an accident, be prepared!

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