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Save Money on Monthly Bills

NOW YOU CAN reduce your large household expenses like long distance phone bills, insurance premiums, credit card debt, Internet service, gas prices, and cell phones.

Here's how: Cut bill payments by comparing the lowest rates from the discount providers listed below. Just think what you could do with the extra money you'd be saving!
Unlimited Nationwide Cellphone Plan - $45

Inexpensive Cellphone Service

Straight Talk provides an unrestricted plan at a reduced set price of $45 for each 30 days. The service consists of unlimited talk, messaging, and data. You can reduce your costs even more by acquiring one year of service for an annual payment of $495. If you don't need an unlimited solution, Straight Talk offers the All You Need plan at just $30 for 30 days. This more affordable plan includes 1000 minutes of talk time, 1000 text or image messages, as well as 30 MEGABYTES of data. Unused minutes, messages, and data expire at the end of each 30 days and do not carry into to the following month.

Inexpensive Phone Rates
Totally Free Internet Access
To find the lowest rock-bottom rates for your long distance phone calls, you need to bundle multiple utility services with the same provider to get the best discounted rates. Various telephone, high-speed internet, and TV bundle deals are often available in you area from multiple providers. To learn who has the best rates available in your area:

CLICK HERE to compare low cost service providers.

NetZero offers completely free dialup Internet access with up to 10 hours of free dialup usage each and every month. A free NetZero account is the perfect emergency backup ISP so you can still access the Internet in case your primary ISP goes down temporarily or you travel away from home. No credit card or any other payment method is required to get the FREE account.

Insure Your Buying Power
Save Money On Cellular
By now you've heard the U.S. Government is printing trillions of dollars to stimulate the sagging economy. Where are all these dollars coming from? OUT OF THIN AIR! This will only lead to massive inflation meaning you are going to be paying more and more on your monthly bills in the future. Protect your purchasing power by investing in

U.S. Silver Eagle Coins

Save on cellular phones with major providers such as T-Mobile, Sprint, and Cingular. Get a free phone and up to $100 cash back. All phones come with a free car charger and free shipping!

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Additional Household Savings

Print Grocery Coupons at Home - Download free grocery coupons and save money at the supermarket. " target="_blank" onmouseover="window.status='http://couponbar.coupons.com';return true;" onmouseout="window.status=' ';return true;">CLICK HERE to download over $100 in printable grocery coupons right from your browser. Contains no adware or spyware.

Reduce Inkjet Printer Costs - Save up to 76% off the retail price of inkjet cartridges for your printer. For a limited time, save an additional 10% by clicking on this instant online coupon:

Cheap T1 Line Connection offers free quotes on high speed bandwidth for voice and data at your business office.

Gigabit Ethernet Lit Fiber - Find metro buildings with lit high-speed fiber connections.

Free Diet Tips - Online book shows you 101 everyday ways to lose 10 pounds or more.

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